Formed in the summer of 2013, Jivviden is the collective endeavor of songwriting duo Matt Sikon and Joseph Wolfe (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar and Lead Guitar, respectively), Brandon Tonti (Bass) and Steve Kessler (Drums). Since coming together in the final throes of their high school career, the four Cleveland natives have produced and released their premiere 15 track album, Slow Commotion, their EP Rough Brew Demos, a single entitled “A Funk” and their latest EP More Than a Fistful; each encapsulating a distinct stepping stone in the group’s evolution.

The band’s first crack at self-production Slow Commotion, which introduced fans to the artists’ unique musical styling and approach to writing, while admittedly lo-fi, ushered in a number of endearing and enduring tracks such as “Lame Snake Dream,” “Fuck South Dakota” and an early fan favorite, “Scrawny Hipster Blues.” While Slow Commotion caught the attention of many and set the stage for what was to come, the band continued to experiment with various recording techniques throughout the course of creating Rough Brew Demos and “A Funk.” Recording largely to 2-in. tape in the basement of their cabin and drastically expanding their abilities in layering and composition during this period, the group added new depth to an already swirling congregation of sound all the while continuing to hold the integrity of the songwriting in highest regard. It is in More Than a Fistful, their latest release, that it feels the group has hit its stride with a more finely tuned dynamic and polished production.

Regularly headlining shows in their hometown and joining bills all around the Eastern United States, Jivviden plays to an ever-growing crowd of loyal and eager fans earned through passionate performances that display the band’s eclectic catalog of work and continue to earn them a reputation at home and afar with audiences and venues alike. One such venue, The Beachland Ballroom, one of the band’s regular haunts, explained in a press release, “Jivviden have become regulars and favorites of the Beachland over the past year, creating a chill vibe that drips with sultry guits, laid-back drumming and an unforgettable voice that rises over it all.”

Jivviden plays music because it is a reflex; because they feel it, and as dedicated students of the Blues, Folk, Pop, Soul and Rock ‘n’ Roll music that preceded them, they strive to share that feeling with audiences through an experience unique unto to them.

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